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An example of a We-Eco Transition Village, as a thinking model

Transition Villages are educational places where inhabitants and visitors can participate in creating

and expanding Micro Rural Regions.

Here one gets the tools to work out projects in theory and practice them in various workshops.

All workbooks are available on, SocietalSystem. A platform where everybody can replicate and copy all the necessary

files to work in and work out.

To create a strong organization of the Rural Micro Regions, all Villages, Regions, and Communities use

replicable files to make it easy to exchange. This uniformity is needed to communicate worldwide efficiently

and to have an answer to World large Chains.

This does not influence the Community’s own unique character and identity.


Examples of courses, practice, and theory

to be followed in the Transition Villages:

*   Domestic water consumption and management

*   Domestic energy consumption and management

*   Alternative creative energy sources

*   Alternative ways of heating

*   Recycle wastewater

*   To avoid waste

*   Waste collecting

*   Domestic and local car use

*   Local sharing

*   Natural ecological food

*   Personal footprint

*   Website design, creating own domains

*   Reuse of textiles and clothing

*   Reuse of furniture and appliances

*   Ecological construction

*   Group purchases

*   Cultural development

*   Powerpoint
*   Personal development
*   Bussiness plans

*   Language courses

*   How to apply for EU calls or from other entities
*   How to manage your Community…

Adèle Martin, living in Tavira,
Algarve, Portugal
Email: contact@we-eco.net
GSM: +351 967 823 312