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Who are "we" and what is our mission?


We are two conceptors who happened to cross each other’s paths.

We both are convinced that there is no balance in the world we live in.

We are two people out of 8 billion inhabitants on this earth.

We consider ourselves blessed and lucky. We are born in a region where there is enough food. 1 out of 10 people on earth is chronically hungry.

This is 10% of the world’s population.

38.5% of the wealth is owned by 0.5% of the world's population. Where is the balance?

Together with the fact that we are destroying our planet, we decided to start a think tank to research these imbalances. And come up with solutions instead of sitting back and looking at them and even worth, pretending it is too late or as if it doesn’t exist.

We came up with an organizational platform for the reorganization of the world and society. This holistic approach is needed to tackle all problems systemically. It simplifies all administrative processes in a uniform code system, so simple that everybody can use it. It is available for all people to replicate and use.

To translate and practically apply the system to real life, we researched a form of living together and started to project dividing wealth evenly among the world’s citizens—an empowering process of people in their communities, bottom-up instead of top-down.


At the same time, tackling climate change and the injustice we do to mother earth as a solution, We-Eco.net was born, the practical application of the SocietalSystem platform.

We want to create a world movement for the good of the world and its inhabitants.  If we are willing and want to change, it is possible. The tools are there, we only have to say NO to the gradually crumbling world and join forces to start a movement in each county. It only takes one person per country to introduce the system and see it replicated through workshops worldwide*,  forming We-Eco.net micro regions, villages and communities.


Facts about A & B, “we”:

Adèle Martin, living in Tavira, Algarve, Portugal.

Email: contact@we-eco.net

GSM: +351 967 823 312

Boudewijn De Graeve living in Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium

Email: contact@societalsystem.com

GSM: +32 485 591 040