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We need partners to startup a circular socio-economy

Establishing Rural Micro-Regions offers many opportunities to create a new socio-economy.
First, we will contact national and local manufacturers, 
suppliers, and distributors that can deliver different materials, equipment, and
machines for the various units as mentioned in the map of the Rural Micro-Regions. They will become suppliers for all the country’s regions and get many orders from the area. By not importing goods from abroad, it will strengthen the local economy, save money and the environment, and improve human relationships.

In the regions, there will be a demand for:  

*  Lands

*  Seeds, crops, trees
, shrubs

Water systems

Electrical supplies

Building materials

Bakery equipment

*  Potters equipment and
clay materials

*  Bicycles, equipment, and
repair tools

*  All tools and materials needed
for construction

Playground equipment

* House appliances
and objects

* Architects

* Builders and crafts-persons

*  First aid equipment

*  Restaurant equipment

*  Handicraft materials

*  Sewing equipment

*  Sanitary equipment

*  Washing machines

*  Saunas

*  Exercise equipment


*  And all other materials and types of

equipment that will occur at

   a later stadium

*  All materials can be new or used

For more information get in touch with us on the page Contacts