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Top priority projects

Why start in the Alentejo as a pilot project?

Alentejo is one of the regions in Europe that is losing inhabitants.
Young people are relocating to cities and emigrating due to a lack of work and limited opportunities to build a life.
At the same time, the population is aging and can not longer cope with the workload on their farms. Shops en shools are closing.
The old economy seeks a solution that allows monocultures to develop. This is not a sustainable solution and has many disadvantages.

Local contact centers:

The We-Eco network is now setting up in association with SocietalSystem, local contact and training centers to guide interested parties punchasing, rebuilding, and developing the land.

A network of quintas (farms):

We aim to create jobs and housing in a new circular socio-economy in the regions.
There is lots of space and land to buy, rent, or develop. Land can also be purchased in group.
We have contact with builders who use used and sustainable materials, and with people who now own the land and grow crops organically.

A network of ForFuture Warehouses:

We are convinced that enough goods have already been produced circulating in the economic cicuit. No new goods need to be added.
To prevent waste, we set up a chain of ForFuture Warehouses, 
where people from the region can bring their surplus items, trade them in, and have them repaired. There will also be a yard with used and reusable building materials.
The ForFuture Warehouses will generate much employment.